National and International Links

The following organisations all have specialisms in different aspects of funding or financing the arts. Some are those we have been consulting and working with during the course of this research. It is proposed that a New Models New Money website will promote and feature the work of these organisations and others exploring new streams of support beyond mainstream grant funding.


An initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts, Artsupport was developed to grow cultural philanthropy in Australia by encouraging exchange between individual artists and art/cultural organisations and individual philanthropists, private and corporate foundations.


AbaF Australia Cultural Fund
AbaF has a unique tax status through which they can use their deductible gift recipient status (DGR) on behalf of arts organisations and individual artists that do not have DGR. This encourages the generosity of donors to support the richness of Australia's cultural life.







Social Traders Crunch Program
The Crunch is Social Traders investment and development initiative in which eight to ten social entrepreneurs are taken on a journey of investment and implementation readiness, prior to pitching for a share of The Crunch Fund. Each entrepreneur is supported by Social Traders and a host of business experts from leading corporate organisations, with the aim of turning their idea into a viable social enterprise. Several arts and cultural enterprises have benefited from the Crunch program.


Helpmann Academy Foundation
The Helpmann Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts assists emerging artists make the transition into professional careers, fosters links between its partner schools, the arts and the community and promotes South Australia as a centre of creative excellence. The Helpmann Academy Foundation raises funds which support the work of the Academy of providing grants, awards and mentorships to young and emerging South Australian artists.





The Creative Industries Enterprise Connect Scheme
The Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC) is one of 12 Enterprise Connect centres across Australia. The CIIC is supported by the University of Technology Sydney and brings together a consortium of leading corporate, industry and university partners on a national basis to assist creative sector businesses with support and advisory services.





QUT Creative Enterprise Australia
QUT Creative Enterprise Australia aims to be Australia’s leading business development agency for creative businesses and a creative industries advocate and thought leader. This is in line with its vision to power the creative economy by accelerating the business performance of Australia’s creative industries.






Arts Tasmania
Arts Tasmania is currently exploring new business models for arts organisations. These include a Cultural Business Model and social and cultural enterprise models such as the Tasmanian Regional Arts Branching Out project, supported by the Westpac Foundation. The Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board, who provide policy and funding advice to the State Government,  have established an online forum to better understand the needs and concerns of the sector.







Arts Queensland
Arts Queensland is investing in an organisational development consultancy with a key organisation, to identify ways in which the company could be strengthened through a resilience framework focused on asset building, new sources of investment and identifying the most appropriate forms of government investment into the future.






Foresters Community Finance
Foresters Community Finance assists Third and Fourth Sector organisations to build financial and social sustainability thereby making a contribution to the strength of civil society.







Positive Solutions
Positive Solutions seeks to strengthen cultural and social organisations and enterprise through targeted research, consultation and training. In partnership with accountant Brian Tucker, Positive Solutions has created and manages the Quick Start Loan Scheme in Queensland.




Mission Models Money
Mission Models Money is a network of thinkers and doers whose vision is to transform the way the arts use their resources to support the creation and experience of great art. Mission Models Money seeks to build the resilience of creative practitioners and organisations in order to help strengthen their capacity to be externally aware, rigorously self critical and risk positive.







National Capitalisation Project
An initiative of Grantmakers in the Arts (GIA), the National Capitalisation Project convenes representatives from regional and national funders of the arts, subject experts and GIA staff in working sessions to learn together, and to begin a conversation about what funders might do individually and collectively to address the poor capitalisation of the non-profit sector.




Non Profit Finance Fund
The Nonprofit Finance Fund provides a continuum of financing, consulting, and advocacy services to nonprofits and funders throughout America. Their services are designed to help organisations stay in balance so that they're able to successfully adapt to changing financial circumstances, innovate and grow.